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Based on your health and fitness level, we will offer you a realistic weight lossprogramme and can help you as you work to achieve your weight loss goal.


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Switch to a healthier lifestyle and lose those extra kilos. Visit POWERcamp Fitness and our fitness experts will guide you with a suitable nutrition plan and exercise regime. We customise our weight loss programme to your individual requirements. For more details, get in touch with our team today in Telford.

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POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 days ago

Talk about PROGRESS these results are insane

Coming out of lockdown with a new lease on life and looking very handsome

Awesome work buddy

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness2 weeks ago


My friends used to call me the fat controller

I struggled to lose weight


And in the first 3 weeks of starting to train...

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 weeks ago

Awesome results from Karen Foreman

Karen joined us online at the start of lockdown

She’s always been a keen runner and after her last marathon in December suffered a injury and had come through recovery and was about...

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 weeks ago

Can we get a load of likes and hearts for Lou

Transformation Tuesday

Results are in

Achievements from lockdown, down 4 dress sizes

Lou joined us just before lockdown happened...

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness is with Daniel Power.4 weeks ago

Magic Monday madness session completed

Great effort from everyone

Yesterday started the beginning of a new month, new goals, new targets, new opportunities

We’d love to help you achieve yours

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness1 month ago

Why I recommend to my clients to hit 10,000 steps per day
I try and get all my clients to hit 10k steps daily I like to advocate them to do it first thing this is why.... ⁣⁣



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