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Based on your health and fitness level, we will offer you a realistic weight lossprogramme and can help you as you work to achieve your weight loss goal.


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Switch to a healthier lifestyle and lose those extra kilos. Visit POWERcamp Fitness and our fitness experts will guide you with a suitable nutrition plan and exercise regime. We customise our weight loss programme to your individual requirements. For more details, get in touch with our team today in Telford.

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POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness5 days ago

How many "diets" have you been on?
What has worked and what hasn't?

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness is feeling fantastic.2 weeks ago

Hump day smashed

How refreshing was that rain ?

Fantastic effort everyone

Which was your favourite part

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness2 weeks ago

Hump day session
this evening
See you there

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 weeks ago

Excited is an understatement

We’re opening back up to group training sessions

With a brand new fresh look

Starting this Saturday 18th July

Whilst we’ve been not able to...

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 weeks ago

Great news today

Group training sessions will resume soon

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 weeks ago

Fear, Relationships and You

Fear is often a show of weakness

And I’ve just had to swallow a bitter pill

You see I’m fearful

Fearful that if I show my...


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