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POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness2 days ago

Last night whilst the sun was setting we found a shaded area and smashed a workout

Due to the heat we turned down the intensity and gave 💯 in commitment

Well done everyone

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 days ago

What a great way to start the week and what a way to start our first week back after our summer break

Monday night madness didn’t disappoint

Great effort from you all tonight


POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness4 days ago

It’s doesn’t really matter what day you start so long as you do

Mondays are the usual days everyone kickstarts though from an over indulgent weekend or holiday after putting on a few lbs

What actions can you do...

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness2 weeks ago

Trying to start your weight loss journey but not sure where to start?

The problem most time is just not knowing where to start or know whats important vs not important.

Kind of like being in a caloric deficit...

POWER Camp Fitness
POWER Camp Fitness2 weeks ago

Well done Ladies 🏆