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About POWER Camp Fitness

I’m Dan owner of POWER Camp Fitness. Back in 2014 I had a thought to change my lifestyle and become healthier/fitter and like most, I had no idea where to start.

You hear of this fad diet here or this new craze there it was a minefield. Using my background as a chef I was shocked at how much BS saturated everywhere I looked and the number of crazy diets and companies selling so called “magic pills or skinny coffee” was hideous.

But my mindset was in the right place and I quickly learnt what information was to be true and which to stay well away from. Over the course of 7 months I’d got in the shape of my life and my lifestyle choices I had made really paid off.

It got me thinking…
How many people are out there that are in the same position as me when I started!!!

I made the decision to qualify and change my whole career to be able to serve people to obtain their greatest quest to become healthier fitter and assist them in their weight loss journey.

From there POWER Camp Fitness was born and over the last few years I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of people achieve fantastic results, whether its for a wedding, a holiday, or to recapture their energy from their youth and prolonging their lives and getting more active.

At our sessions, I design fun energetic workouts that are designed to burn fat and tone your body so you’ll achieve fantastic results accompanied by nutritional guidance that cuts through all the BS.

Not only do we have our sessions but we have an online presence too where we hold programs containing home workouts and support to hold people accountable to assist you even more.


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